Mats Wilander: 'I do not see younger players beating Novak Djokovic'

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Mats Wilander: 'I do not see younger players beating Novak Djokovic'

The seven-time Major winner Mats Wilander believes Novak Djokovic has the highest chances to win the Australian Open. Speaking to Sport Klub in Melbourne, the Swede said: 'Novak is a favourite because he won Wimbledon and US Open.

Then he lost two finals, he looks tired in Paris and London, but just in the final, I do not know why... It's okay, in Paris he had a long semifinal with Federer, but it's not normal to win every tournament - and Novak gets older, so his focus is on Grand Slam tournaments.

I think his confidence in himself is not a problem, obviously, he is ready physically and Grand Slams mean more to him. I can imagine seeing him losing to someone, but he is definitely a big favourite.' Agassi also analyzed Djokovic's recent results: 'It's interesting that he lost to two younger players who play somehow in a similar way.

Can now the younger players compete with Novak's rhythm because they are strong, bigger and hit the ball stronger? Zverev served unbelievably, but Khachanov too. But I think that the young guys cannot keep such a high level to win Djokovic at five sets."

On ex Yugoslavia players, Wilander added: "Certain amount of anger is good for an athlete, but only if he/she knows how to channel it. Look at Novak – he has managed to stay humble off the court, but on the court he is in a ring, the attitude that says “I hate losing“.

Most of you have physical attributes for sport, look at Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Secondly, you've grown up in war culture and you became warriors. There is something tough inside you that makes you hungry for success." ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title