Novak Djokovic comments on Konta-Muguruza match finishing at 3:12 AM

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Novak Djokovic comments on Konta-Muguruza match finishing at 3:12 AM

The Australian Open second round match between Johanna Konta and Garbine Muguruza at the Australian Open started at past midnight and finished it at 3:12 AM. Late night matches have raised a lot of criticism over the years and Novak Djokovic said: "I don't know Konta and Muguruza, the process of the decision making.

I would assume if the rules are the same, both for men's and women's tennis, that they could have said if it's post midnight they could have postponed it for tomorrow. By assume that's the case. I guess they both wanted to play after waiting for a long time.

It is what it is. It happened many times in the men's part, women's as well, that you go after midnight. You get to this kind of particular situation where you wait for hours and hours and hours, then you are about to make the decision whether you want to go out on the court or not.

Of course, you're tired, waiting for the entire day. At the same time you just want to get it over with, just play the match. So I understand why they probably decided to go out and play." Djokovic also commented on the support he gets from Serbian people in Melbourne: "There's a place called Lygon Lodge in Lygon Street.

I used to go there. Haven't been there for several years, but used to go there. Many other Serbian tennis players go there, as well. Serbian church is a place I guess where we get to see the Serbian people, community gathers for the orthodox new year, which is between 13 and 14 of January, or our Christmas, which is on 7th of January.

That's when over the years I did go to church when I could, saw a lot of people, interacted with them. Of course, at the tennis site. I'm very grateful to experience a lot of support. It's quite a big community, as you said.

Very loud. It helps at times. I'm really glad to meet people from my country, absolutely. Anywhere I go, I try to embrace the fact that there might be a community, regardless of how big or small. I try to meet with some people and exchange words or whatever it is, invite them to come and watch me play.

Whatever that is, it's nice. I guess it nurtures the culture and tradition. Me as one of the athletes from our country that is internationally successful, I feel there is also a responsibility to represent the country in a right way.

For a lot of those people, especially who live here, they have not seen or been to Serbia for a long time. So for them it's quite a treat to have me playing here and other tennis players from Serbia, other sports events.

It's quite far away from home." ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title