Milos Raonic watched Djokovic-Shapovalov match, praises Denis

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Milos Raonic watched Djokovic-Shapovalov match, praises Denis

In a press conference at the Australian Open the Canadian Milos Raonic was asked if he saw the match between his compatriot Denis Shapovalov and Novak Djokovic. The Serb prevailed in four sets while Raonic was preparing for his match against Pierre-Hugues Herbert.

"I only caught that sort of comeback that he made in the fourth set – third set, sorry, that comeback from 4-1 down", said Raonic. "Novak looked like he was going to go up 5-2, as well. He fought back and did some things extremely well.

I went to do ice bath. It went by quickly. He's playing well. I didn't watch so much of today because I had my own things to do. I saw his other two matches this week. He's playing well. I think he's added a few things to his game.

He's stepped up, improved a few things. Now he's got to keep putting himself in that situation. I think things will come for him. He's very capable." Asked what he did during his day off, Raonic replied: "I tried to sleep in.

I saw a movie. Went to the gym for an hour and a half. Did a few things. I didn't feel I needed to be on court. Also coming here, it's not like people think: you come here and go on court for an hour. That's not the scenario.

You have to come an hour and a half early, warm up, cool down. It ends up being a three-hour hoorah that you stay out here. I stayed away from that, tried to give myself a chance to get in as much fluid, eat well, to recover and be fresh for today."

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