Novak Djokovic: 2018 Wimbledon win over Rafael Nadal was my turning point

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Novak Djokovic: 2018 Wimbledon win over Rafael Nadal was my turning point

In an interview to Nine World of Sports, Novak Djokovic recalled his last year's Wimbledon semifinal win over Rafael Nadal. The Serbian player prevailed 10-8 in the fifth set after five hours and he went on to win his 13th Grand Slam title and the first of his three consecutive Grand Slam titles so far.

“It was a perfect setting, perfect scenario, for me to make my strong comeback, winning Wimbledon title and obviously winning again (Nadal) in the semis, 10-8 in the fifth," said Djokovic. "That was definitely the turning point, where I started believing again that I can win those matches and that I’m ready to do that.’’ Before the match, Nadal had said: “For me, it’s very special just (to) be where I am after coming back from a long period of time with a lot of injuries in a row and to be able to be where I am means everything to me.

For (Djokovic) is a little bit different the story, no? He’s been very solid for the last eight months, playing so well and almost winning every event that he played. So, yeah, is a different story for both of us and I hope to be ready for it."

His coach Carlos Moya commented on how Nadal managed to improve his serve: “We worked for the last three, four months on the serve, this final version. We were not rushing and since the start of the motion he change a few things and now he’s more relaxed.

It’s an easier serve for him and he’s not thinking much about what he has to do, and that allows him to play his first ball after the serve, an easy ball to play with his forehand, so he has a chance to be more aggressive."

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