Novak Djokovic: I was doubting myself, I was questioning everything

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Novak Djokovic: I was doubting myself, I was questioning everything

Novak Djokovic believes that his dominance on serve against Rafael Nadal in the Australian Open final was the key for him to dictate rallies and eventually win the match. The Serb was pleased with how he started the encounter.

"Coming off from the blocks with the right intensity and trying to be aggressive and protect the line and make him feel pressure from my side, obviously that was the game plan," said Djokovic. "I managed to get a crucial break already in the second game, get 3-Love in under 10 minutes.

That was really, really important because Nadal always brings huge intensity to the court, 100 per cent of his focus and determination. The energy and power he puts into his shots is really intimidating from the first point in the match.

But that makes you, I guess, be more alert. I was expecting that. So knowing that coming into the match made me even more, I guess, ready to start off well. It has proven to be, I guess, the crucial turning point of the match."

Djokovic added: "I'm a true believer in visualisation. I do that a lot. I think that I had to do that more than ever in my life 12 months ago after the surgery because I wasn't playing well, I wasn't feeling good on the court, I was questioning everything, I was doubting whether I will be able to play everyone on this level because I didn't know to what extent the operation of my elbow would affect my game.

It was a huge learning curve for me, just the whole process was very special. I embraced the journey. I am very grateful to go through it. I would never change anything if I could turn back the time because things are just the way they should be.

But, yes, 12 months ago it was highly unlikely I would be holding three slams. I just have to be conscious of that and understand that I'm blessed." ALSO READ: Djokovic would beat Roger Federer in Australian Open final - Evert