Novak Djokovic might have the best chance to achieve Calendar Major -Expert

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Novak Djokovic might have the best chance to achieve Calendar Major -Expert

The BBC journalist Russell Fuller believes that Novak Djokovic may seriously think about achieving the Calendar Grand Slam this year. The Serb started the season in a stunning way winning the Australian Open title after a straight-set win over Rafael Nadal.

"This one of the great Grand Slam final performances by Djokovic", Fuller recognized. "He simply knocked the stuffing out of Nadal. The offensive side of Nadal's game, which had been so eye-catching in earlier rounds, was snuffed out by Djokovic.

The world number one took all of Nadal's time away and forced him on the defensive from the very first ball. If he wins Roland Garros in June, he will hold all four Grand Slam titles simultaneously for the second time in his career.

This might just be the best chance Djokovic has ever had to win all four Slams in the same calendar year. Nadal will have a lot to say about that - especially in Paris. The Spaniard felt four months away from the Tour caught up with him here: as he says, he was just not able to find the higher gear required to make the match competitive."

On ESPN, the journalist Roenikgt wrote: "Definitely outstanding performance by Djokovic, he played unbelievably, it looked like he was still playing from the semifinals, he rolled on and Rafa looked a little bit slow at the beginning of the match, then it was so difficult.

Novak was just dictating, playing very well, very aggressive from side to side, and he really deserved the title. For Rafa I understand it's a little bit disappointing to lose that way, he has been playing much better than today but we have to agree and understand that today Novak Djokovic was too good."

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