Wimbledon win over Rafael Nadal was key moment for Novak Djokovic - Coach

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Wimbledon win over Rafael Nadal was key moment for Novak Djokovic - Coach

Marian Vajda believes that Novak Djokovic's Wimbledon semi-final win over Rafael Nadal was the key to get more successes again. The Serbian prevailed in a five-set match after five hours and after that win, he conquered three Majors (including Wimbledon).

Vajda said: "The victory over Nadal at Wimbledon was the most important moment for him. He collided with one of the best and proved to himself that he was again in that category”. He also recalled the moment when they started working together again in April last year: “When I arrived, I told him that we had to do certain things, this and that.

The basic thing was to get back to the old routines to train well. The fitness was also important, because he was not in the best shape when we started working again. We worked on a new service, on the biomechanics of the forehand, and on fitness, because he did not play many matches.

When he began to play more, feel the ball, he began to believe again that he can play at a high level. As a team we believed that he will return, but we did not believe that this would happen so quickly. But, he is so talented that it happened quickly."

Djokovic can win his fourth Grand Slam in a row at the French Open in June, but Vajda warned it will not be easy: “Clay is a different surface, so the movement is different, which requires work on other muscles. Clay is much slower, longer exchange, so speed and durability are required.

We will work on these specific characteristics of clay, certainly." ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title