I don't know if I will achieve the Calendar Grand Slam, says Novak Djokovic

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I don't know if I will achieve the Calendar Grand Slam, says Novak Djokovic

After reaching Monte Carlo, as quoted by Sport Klub, Novak Djokovic commented on what his next goals are. The Serb is taking a one-month rest as he will not play any tournament in February, and he hopes to perform great in the crunch moments.

"Grand Slams are the biggest tournaments we have and obviously you want to be at your best there", said Djokovic. "However we should not forget other important tournaments like the ATP Finals. French Open is the next Grand Slam, but it's in late May.

Until then, you have many hard and clay-courts tournaments. The season is long, but I am looking forward to the next events. It's important to rest, recharge batteries. Spending time with the family, gaining new energy. I do not know if I will have the opportunity to become a champion in all the four tournaments, but I hope so.

' Djokovic added: 'Under the circumstances, playing against Nadal, such an important match, yeah, I mean, it's amazing. Obviously back-to-back semifinals and finals, I think I made 15 unforced errors in total in two matches, it's quite pleasantly surprising to myself, as well, even though I always believe I can play this way, visualise myself playing this way.

At this level, as I said, under the circumstances, it was truly a perfect match.' We will see if the 31-year-old will be able to deliver an even better tennis in Indian Wells and Miami. ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title