Novak Djokovic:'Trophies are even more special sharing them with my family'

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Novak Djokovic:'Trophies are even more special sharing them with my family'

Novak Djokovic got emotional while speaking about his family. In an interview to Nine, when the TV channel showed some pictures featuring his four-year-old son Stefan and one-year-old daughter Tara watching his Australian Open final win over Rafael Nadal, the world No.

1 said: “I would like to say hello to my family, starting with my wife and my son Stefan and daughter Tara. I hope they’ve been watching – well at least they said before the match that they would watch. ” Djokovic feels something special since when he became a father: “Trophies are even more special when I have someone so dear and so special to me in my life to share this with.

They are my dearest people on this planet next to my two brothers and my parents. I love them very much. I want to thank them for unconditional love and support through all these years. They’ve sacrificed a lot of their time and energy for me to live my dream to be standing here today and I try to always remind myself and not take that for granted”.

About Djokovic, the expert David Law said: "Djokovic is in a great place right now. He admitted he lost motivation when he was struggling with his elbow problem and then after he had completed those four Slams in a row.

Suddenly he's energised and motivated again. He has his eyes on winning more than any of them. As long as he maintains his physical fitness and motivation, Djokovic could do this for years." ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title