Novak Djokovic to move in stunning property in Serbia with family

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Novak Djokovic to move in stunning property in Serbia with family

Novak Djokovic will move with his wife Jelena and their two children, Stefan and Tara, in a new house located on the Pavlovic lake in Serbia. Djokovic will spend €15,000 a month just to make 16 people take care of the house once he goes living there.

It will have five butlers, three chefs, two home helpers, two babysitters, two waiters and four security guards that will protect the property on a daily basis. 'Nole and Jelena are looking forward to moving to their new house, that they started building exactly two years ago.

They could have moved into it already last year but Novak didn't want workers to be in a rush and so he decided to make all the things getting done slowly. It was important for him to complete the project taking care of all the details.

That's why he hired the best experts for every aspect of the job', said a close source to Djokovic's family in an interview to Kurir. "Chiefs will cook their favourites food, and every part of the ground will be supervised through videos.

Anyway, Novak and Jelena will be able to enjoy themselves in their paradise. Although they reside in Monte Carlo, they will probably spend more time in Serbia once the home is ready.' Djokovic also owns a penthouse in New Belgrade which cost around €500,000, two apartments in New York for several million euros, a property in Miami and an apartment in Monte Carlo.