Djokovic, Roger Federer, Nadal are the best players ever - Verdasco's coach

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Djokovic, Roger Federer, Nadal are the best players ever - Verdasco's coach

In an interview to Punto de Break Fernando Verdasco's coach Quino Munoz commented on the Big 3 dominance - Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. "When Djokovic is doing well he is untouchable, many people say it.

We will see on clay, where Rafa is the greatest tennis player in history, you will not have another one like him. But well, I do not doubt that Novak will be competitive on clay as well because he is very good. What's clear is that they are the three best guys ever and they coincided in the same era", said Munoz.

Is it good or bad? "For the others, it's bad (laughter). For Zverev, imagine, he would have definitely won a Grand Slam. Zverev is No. 4, he is the best, but he has these three ahead of him. Think about some world No. 1s of the past, what they would have won...

Without these three, David Ferrer would have won three or four Grand Slams, but it's that Novak wins everything on hard, Nadal everything on clay... They take everything out of you." Verdasco will become a father in a few weeks.

What does it mean to him? "Now it's a motivation, but having a son is much more important than his career. When he has him, he will realize it. Fernando has at least two more years at a high level." "Tennis changed a lot.

I was in the locker room in Australia, 16 years after, and I saw that everyone is animals, they are so big. As a spectator you do not see a lot of tennis, you see it watching Federer, but now you try some touch and they get the ball back in your head.

Everyone is 1.90m. tall, everyone serves well... Now I do not imagine a player cracking the top 10 without serving well." With what mentality should a player who is 175 centimetres tall approach his career? I"He can also become world No.

80 which is a success. Everyone will have his expectations, you still have to give yourself a shot. Clearly, if you want to be world No. 1 or 2, serving at 220km/h is better."