Novak Djokovic perfectly suits to Rafael Nadal's game, says tennis coach

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Novak Djokovic perfectly suits to Rafael Nadal's game, says tennis coach

In a column for El Mundo the former Andy Murray's coach Emilio Sanchez Vicario commented on Rafael Nadal's straight-set loss to Novak Djokovic in the Australian Open. Sanchez Vicario commented on the match from Nadal's point of view: "Months of work to change his game became more aggressive, had built big expectations: a shorter serve, with a better grip, a quicker impact to achieve better directions and especially more depth', wrote Sanchez Vicario.

'After that, continuing to play inside the court and trying to close the rooms with his forehand even to hit a volley. The whole world of tennis was wishing for a big battle, even me believed that it would be another epic final that would depend just on the mental strength.

When they were asking me, I was explaining my doubts whether if Rafa could keep this level in these moments. It's the toughest thing in tennis: creating a new routine and using it in the tense moments against an opponent that dominates you.

But tennis is a lot tennis and on Sunday you had a player that perfectly suits to the Rafa's game. Even on the days where he plays bad, Novak manages to hurt. We put it in perspective: Rafa had lost the seven hard-court finals; he was broken 27 times on his serve and he had only broken twice in all their matches.

Djokovic was above by far.' Nadal and Djokovic could clash each other next at the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells next month on hard courts again