Expert explains reasons behind Djokovic, Fognini playing doubles together

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Expert explains reasons behind Djokovic, Fognini playing doubles together

In a chat to Sky Sport the former Italian singles player Laura Golarsa commented on Novak Djokovic and Fabio Fognini playing doubles together in Indian Wells. Golarsa finds it the right choice. "Indian Wells is a particular tournament, it lasts two weeks and Djokovic will probably go far", the Italian said.

"But that's one of the first tournaments after the Australian Open, he needs to earn some match play and so that's why he took a choice. You have to play with a friend, teammate, and so he picked Fabio who is a close friend of his.

He can be a funny, nice guy. Fabio is a talented player, he often plays doubles so that was right from him. Nadal often plays it with Marc Lopez as well. Fabio is perfect! Djokovic and Fognini could go far in the Grand Slams as well, the best singles player and one of the best doubles players.

If Fabio is motivated and on a good day and Djokovic as well, they can go far." Last year's BNP Paribas Open featured Naomi Osaka going all the way to win her maiden career-title. The Japanese player had opened her run defeating Maria Sharapova, delivering an amazing performance despite the Russian was dealing with an injury.

In an interview to The Desert Sun, the Tournament Director Tommy Haas said: “As we watched that match, we were all shocked at how good of a player she is”. The ESPN analyst Brad Gilbert was amazed by Osaka's comeback in the Australian Open match against Su-Wei Hsieh who was leading a set and 4-1 in the second set. "She was in all sorts of trouble in that match, but she solved the problem and found a way. Just incredible."