Novak Djokovic did not train enough in 2016, says Boris Becker

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Novak Djokovic did not train enough in 2016, says Boris Becker

In an interview to Clarin, the six-time Major winner Boris Becker commented on Novak Djokovic's mental strength. The German was amazed by the Serbian player's comeback. "Novak is tough. He is a great competitor. I was with him the three years where he won six Grand Slams and was world No.

1. I know him very well. He knows well because I said that in 2016 he did not spend too much time on court training because he wanted to spend that time with his family. But losing the number one hurt him. Then he recovered from his injury and being supported by his wife and children he could be back the one who was with me.

The difference is that he got the hunger back to win", said Becker. Roger Federer often travels with his wife Mirka and children, as well as Novak Djokovic does and also Rafael Nadal often brings his girlfriend. How important is the family of a tennis player? "It's very important.

The family became a part of the team for a player. In the Novak'a case, he is a man of emotions and he loves sharing tournaments with his wife and children. At our time it didn't happen the same thing maybe because we started winning important tournaments when we were younger."

Can Juan Martin del Potro fight with the best guys again? "Definitely yes. He does it actually! He was very unlucky with injuries, but he always recovered and I am sure he wants to win a Grand Slam again. A lot of time has gone from that US Open win, but he can still be a champion again. He is a very respectful guy for his power and class."