I had a lot of dilemmas on how to continue, says Novak Djokovic

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I had a lot of dilemmas on how to continue, says Novak Djokovic

In an interview to RTS, Novak Djokovic confessed he had a lot of uncertainties when he underwent surgery. The 15-time Grand Slam winner stopped competing for six months in 2017 and he had an elbow operation in February 2018.

"At the time I learned a lot of things on me, I had many doubts and dilemmas on how to continue, what was the goal, on all levels. I put myself in a discussion on the deepest levels. I could not understand why everything happens, and I wasn't definitely happy.

But I understood that I would be grateful because over these times a man has a big chance to change and improve himself. And in the end it happened, and 12 months after I am here holding three Majors and being the world No.

1 again, which could not seem realistic." The Sports Minister Vanja Udovicic congratulated Djokovic on winning his fourth Laureus: "It's a unique recognition that inspires the generations all over the planet!

Well done, Serbia is proud of you." Djokovic added: "I have learned so many lessons about life, about myself in the last three years. I had to do a lot of inner engineering, especially in the last 15 months coming back from a major injury and having surgery and being not patient and being anxious to come back and then being on a verge to leave the racket aside and here I am staying in front of you. I was questioning everything going through my doubts and dilemmas whether to keep playing tennis."