Jelena Djokovic: 'Novak doesn't give up when he believes in something'

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Jelena Djokovic: 'Novak doesn't give up when he believes in something'

In an interview to Laureus Sports Awards, Jelena Djokovic praised his husband Novak's comeback to tennis. Jelena and Novak share two children and they are happily married. "The reason why our bond is so strong is that for me he is never a tennis player", said Jelena.

"Stubborness is his middle name, he just doesn't want to give up when he believes in something. As a family we are focused on the wellbeing and we know that the healing happens when you are taking care of your body, you are resting enough, you are eating well, and when he was starting to take those painkillers it was something that was completely against everything."

Djokovic's agent, Edoardo Artaldi, added: "We believe that this issue started in September 2015. After the Australian Open (2018), it was no escape. He had to make a surgery if you want to come back to play tennis properly."

Jelena added: "A daddy who never worked for the glory, money or for any of it. He was always about values, living the life fully committed to yourself to delight with surprise and that's what I am in love with. That's what it is."

During the Laureus ceremony, Novak Djokovic said: "Many athletes who are here on this stage and on the crowd have won my heart and your stories, your experiences have proven to me and everybody else that fighting spirit, resilience, we always should nurture those values and that sports sends universal message to everyone around and as Nelson Mandela was right when he said that the sport has the power to change the world."