Novak Djokovic could not speak with Federer and Nadal, says Soares

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Novak Djokovic could not speak with Federer and Nadal, says Soares

Bruno Soares and Jamie Murray have been part of the ATP Player's Council since 2014, representing doubles players' interests. In an interview to Globo Esporte, Soares commented on the ATP Chief Executive Chris Kermode leaving the board in the end of the year.

"I do not think the conversation failed," said Soares. "At least (with) me, I spoke with the big majority of the people I represent. I think each of the council played his part. Obviously, it's difficult to speak with everyone, but what happens is that people are always aware.

If someone has doubts, it's up to them to look for the Council's representant, ask questions and suggesting things. So we cannot always find everyone. Me and Jamie (Murray) represent from the no. 1 to no. 100 in doubles. Imagine how it feels like to run behind 100 (players).

We communicate a lot through mail, but many things depend on the people who are interested to look for us." On Justin Gimelstob, who is facing trial for assault, potentially becoming the President, Soares commented: "He has been in the player's council for a long time, he represents us very well.

He did not share any interest in being the new president. Now there will be new names and I do not think Gimelstob is one of them. I do not think he even wants it. "I think Chris Kermode did a very good job. He was a great president for five years and now he has another year to complete the six.

It was two elections. Conversations are increasing. The players are seeing that being together is important and we will achieve our goals. We want to improve tournaments. It's an affair. Everyone wants to earn more and I think that working together is the right way to do it."