Novak Djokovic: Kohlschreiber played better than me in Indian Wells

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Novak Djokovic: Kohlschreiber played better than me in Indian Wells

In an interview before the start of the Miami Open, Novak Djokovic reflected on his third-round loss to Philipp Kohlschreiber in Indian Wells. The Serb does not feel too disappointed about it. "I hoped that I could do better in singles but I lost to a better player that day and had to deal with that", said Djokovic.

"I played doubles after that, reached the semi-finals which was nice, I do not get to play doubles that often. I had a lot of practice between the Australian Open and Indian Wells and I continued practicing because when you are not playing you have to practice and get yourself to the closest optimal level of tennis that you want to be on, so that's what I have worked on in the last couple of days and let's see if it works here in Miami."

On Miami Open getting relocated to the Hard Rock Stadium, Djokovic added: "They have managed to build in one year, they were part of a very vibrant exciting stadium, Miami Dolphins, it's an NFL (American football) club and I can only imagine how it looks when it's full.

It's a big stadium so it was a bold move, we have a new tournament owner and Key Biscayne is part of me, that is a bit sad because Key Biscayne that has hosted one of the best tournaments in the world for so many years but we lacked space and we wanted to get it to another level.

Everyone in tennis who wishes well to the sport deserved to have a bit more space and explore some new options that are available for us and we did not expect this but it's a nice surprise."