Djokovic: 'Without my family and team, I would have not made a comeback'

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Djokovic: 'Without my family and team, I would have not made a comeback'

In press conference at the Miami Open Novak Djokovic was asked to compare the confidence he has now with the one he had in the past when he was world No. 1. In both cases, the level is very high. "It's really kind of hard to compare", admitted Djokovic.

"I never liked comparing any seasons and years. I just feel like, you know, we are all evolving. Everything is evolving in life. It's kind of hard to compare. As I said, I personally don't like that. I try to be present as much as I can.

So grateful that I have obviously opportunity to be at the top of the men's game again. The last 10 to 12 months have been really special. I mean, unlike anything I have experienced before in my career, that's for sure.

Considering 12 months ago, the way I was playing, post surgery and everything, to be where I am today is quite phenomenal really. I'm proud of it. Also would not have done it without the support of the team and family and everyone who was with me there.

But I think that injury, the process of getting back to my top level, makes this journey even more special. Definitely has taught me, showed me things about myself that I've not known before. I had to really dig deep in those moments where I was really doubting everything. It's quite a journey and I'm grateful to go through that experience."