Novak Djokovic reveals funny story behind their parents' first date

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Novak Djokovic reveals funny story behind their parents' first date

In an interview with Jay Shetty, Novak Djokovic explained how he evolved mentally over the years. The Serbian player said some very interesting things. "Opening my minds to different dimensions and horizons of self-awareness and self-care.

I was feeling a lot of times lonely and I felt like what I was doing was not understood especially in my world and not just understood but also not respected which is even worse because you are labelled around this kind of black sheep, but I still wanted to play tennis and still stay in that sport, which I am not regretting", said Djokovic.

"In contrary I am so blessed to do what I love, I started playing tennis when I was four years old and my family did not have any tennis tradition, so it was an early sign of a destiny, three tennis courts in front of parents' restaurant in a small mountain playing in Serbia in a little place called Koeponik, my father had a little background, he was a professional skier, he was a skiing instructor, that's how he met my mom.

It's a funny story, she was skiing, she fell in, he was there and he is like, Need help? I can help you. He probably organized the whole thing but it's how they met and six months later they got married, my mom was pregnant with me, then they opened a restaurant in the real Mountain where they met and the restaurant was the business that generated the budget for our family, so we spent a lot of time there because we lived three hours away by car from the capital in Serbia where I went to school and we had a new wave of energy, consciousness, awareness that we are receiving.

My brother Marko was born with this capacity and ability to multitask success. Coming back to my story, when you are a professional athlete it's all about winning or losing. I do not see losing or failure as such, I see it as another great lesson that awaits for me to be ready for.

I went through my evolution and I was really fortunate when I started playing tennis, I ran into and came across some really really knowledgeable people about tennis and life. In particular one woman, her name is Jelena Gencic, she is not with us anymore, she passed in 2013 but she was my tennis mother.

My parents invested a lot of energy and effort in those times during the 90s when I was growing up, we had two wars, one that unfortunately broke down in the Yugoslavia region and it made six different states and in one of them, Serbia, I was born.