Novak Djokovic shares of sadness when he breaks rackets

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Novak Djokovic shares of sadness when he breaks rackets

Novak Djokovic commented on how it feels to have success both in tennis and in his personal life, with wife Jelena and their two children. The Serb, speaking to Jay Shetty, had some very interesting advice for the younger guys.

"The message I can share from my experience of having a certain success in both professional and private way is that there is always time for everything," said Djokovic. "I am learning myself even today how to be passionate, how to coordinate things in my life, how to create space for the biggest quality time that I can have with my priorities, which is my family and wife, is that it's a constant process.

I truly believe in balance but I do not believe that we can ever reach a point or a stage where we can say, I am in balance. Because you can be in balance and then in the next moment you cannot be in balance because that's life and everything is moving and it's happening so that's why I think that in tennis I have learned my biggest and hardest lessons in life and for me the tennis court is still a field where I have the chance to go and when I am not on the tennis court I find much easier to accomplish certain things that I want to on a daily basis but the tennis court I use exactly as a platform that challenges me and my ego.

I still have outbursts on the court, I break a racket, and when that happens I feel like, 'Why, what did I do?' He added, "I have two children, many children around the world are watching and seeing what you are doing and imitating you in a way so I always say in the back of my mind, Okay, try to do what you do best but do it with style, dignity, always having that inner voice telling you that there are thousands of children are watching you around the world and are absorbing like a sponge every move, everything you say and do but I still do it, I still go through these outbursts and I felt disappointed for that.

I was like betraying myself, I was not managing to do what I want to do and I learned about there is a time for everything in life and there is a reason why we have to take every step of the way in order to reach the top and then I understood that I have to accept and embrace and channel it and I feel like I have to work until the last day that I breathe and I am happy with that, I feel like I managed to take that positive leave in my direction."