Novak Djokovic reveals his greatest achievement in career

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Novak Djokovic reveals his greatest achievement in career

What has been the Novak Djokovic's greatest achievement in career? The Serb didn't pick a specific title or result, but something deeper. "The greatest achievement is that I have an open mind", said the 31-year-old.

"I feel that with an open mind-type of perspective in approach to life, you help all the natural processes in yourself to flourish, excel and you are embracing the natural way you have to evolve and develope. I feel the ignorace and certain conditions that people have are so strong that you are going throughout your whole lifetime without really allowing yourself to open up the world and learn about all these different cultures and things that you can reach in life and make you fullfilled in life, have that inner peace, emotions, balance and stability.

With an open mind you are just helping yourself and you are able to receive a kind of future and if you do not have an open mind, obviously your everything closes up to whether it's their health, profession. And I was there, I do not want people to think that I know it all and I felt resentment, revenge, we all go through that but I feel with training and reception that you can really reach anything that you truly want in desire in your life."

The world No. 1 also commented on his difficult childhood: "Hardships and wars were one of the more significant times in my career where I experienced what it feels like to have $10 for my mother and father with three children to feed and having to wait on the line for a piece of bread and not being able to travel around the world to play tennis and tennis is an expensive sport.

You need to pay money for the racket, tennis ball, court, coach and all of these things. It brings value to my life because going through them made me stronger but at the same time made me more grateful because I had to understand both extremes because today I enjoy so much success in our sport, society, and I won so many things I can be blessed for. But on the opposite side that storyline enriches me."