Novak Djokovic: My first sport was skiing. I also played football

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Novak Djokovic: My first sport was skiing. I also played football

In an interview with Jay Shetty, Novak Djokovic commented on his beginnings in tennis, and on his childhood. The Serbian player said: "Ever since when I wished to play tennis – I was four or five years old – and tennis was never a sport in our family, it also helped my family to expand outside of a comfort zone, going to the sport or field of life that is completely unknown to them in a way.

Before starting to play tennis at four or five years, I was skiing a lot, even my dad was carrying me and going down the slipes and the first sport for me was ski. Until I was nine years old I did not know whether I wanted to ski or play tennis, there was also some football involved, and unfortunately, we have been through all this and my father.

If such an experienced and knowledgeable person says that, then we should try to support our son. And I remember I was watching tennis practices and sessions on the fence, I was really really in love with the sport. She told me to have a holistic approach, how to think about the grades in the school, the music I listened, the mindfullness that I had, the motivation, focus."

Djokovic also spoke about his family side: "Our kids are Masters and teachers and they come to this life to bring lessons for us and help us to understand a lot of things on ourselves on a deeper level and a lot of things we have to work on which is quite contrary to what society thinks, that we are teaching me which we are of course but actually I have been talking her a lot about that and now we have a baby girl that is one year old and she is a healer, she really brings energy to this world and she has skyrocketed our attention."