Novak Djokovic shares how spiritual teachers help his career

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Novak Djokovic shares how spiritual teachers help his career

In an interview with Jay Shetty, Novak Djokovic commented on the role that his "spiritual teachers" like Pepe Imaz from Spain and Jacques have had on his life and career. "I consider them as my spiritual and life teachers masters that I have learned a lot from and back to I think 2010 I met Jarko, so eight years ago, and I met him through my wife because she had a friend there, he is a Reiki healer but he is much more than that and he helped a lot both my wife and me to open our minds, even more, to understand how we can have internal conversations with ourselves because I did not know how to do it, I did not know how to verbalise emotions, my wife (Jelena) was ahead of me and that's where we struggled in our relationship because she was trying to dig things out from me and make me share more but I was not able to do that because I did not know how", said Djokovic.

"She was like, Speak to me, what do you think? Ans I was like, I do not know, I feel something, and so I think Jacques was great in that. There is a great saying, When the student is ready the teacher will come, so I felt the first initial step I needed to do, I needed to decide my mind and turn in that, So this is what I really need for my mind, soul, growth, this Is the priority I have to learn, how to manage myself and my emotions not just to be a better tennis player but also human being, so that's when the teacher appeared and after that I started to expand my awareness and observation in the world and then I rain into Pepe who is a spiritual life teacher to my brother Marko, because they live in the same place.

Actually, Marko went to live in Spain because of Pepe and Pepe's whole philosophy of life is love and peace and he brought that kind of energy into our lives, the perception of love and peace, what it really means."

He added, "And at the beginning I was not really supportive of my brother because he started going through this whole process of learning with Pepe, he moved to Spain because he felt deep inside that something very important for him and I did not get him at that time, because you are trying to be a professional tennis player and you have to train, you cannot be love and peace, you have to go back and train, you need to have blood and if you are love and peace on the court this guy will beat you and he was like, Listen, I understand but I have to go through this and I just feel this is my growth but I did not understand at that time and I was attracted by Pep because he had this energy, you can never get upset with him, you speak to him, he always smiles also when we had tough conversations because he always prays inside and for that he had to work and still continues to work immensely and I did not understand what he kept on emphasizing inner work, inner growth, universal love, I did not really get him and then this whole energy attracted my wife and we connected to Pepe, with my brother on different levels and today obviously it's amazing that we truly understand what he means because we embraced that work and we have to do it daily."

Finally, he said, "We have to reflect on that inner work for the purpose of my goal for the inner work that up until not a long time ago was tennis and the ego inside has drawn me to that sensation of, I need to do this because that will help me play a better tennis and it did not resonate something I was living a successful life but not fullfilled yet and there was something wrong with that, I felt the significance of that truth and the essence of what it really means to do that on a daily basis for yourself, your growth, you as a human being and not just as a tennis player, doctor or whatever but it was weak comparing to the other side which was since when I was seven, my dream is to be number one in the world, that's my ambition, my life that's my life goal, I have to fullfill it, when I fullfilled it in 2011 I kept on going, I wanted to win more Grand Slam trophies, be number one in the world for as long as I can and that just kept on going and from my experience I believe that you need goals and objectives but you need to balance that with what's truly the most important which is inner work."