Novak Djokovic: 'Wife Jelena has always been my shoulder in tough moments'

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Novak Djokovic: 'Wife Jelena has always been my shoulder in tough moments'

Novak Djokovic deeply reflected on his wife Jelena's role in the success of their relationship. The Serbian player, who got married to Jelena back in 2014, said: "We help each other grow, I am grateful that I can share with her everything and anything that I am interested in that, I am going through, she has always been the shoulder, she has always been there in tough moments for me like when I was going through an injury recently, six months without not competing and then when I cameback I was questioning whether I should keep playing on that level or not and I was going through a lot of work inside and she was there, she helped me with all that.

Our consciouness expands infinitely, which means at least in my own perception that we are more than we think or feel with our five senses that we really are and when I came to this realization, it opened the door to a whole different universe and my evolution in every aspect of who I am and my body quadrupled.

I felt calm and excited at the same time for everything that life offers." He added: "I do have a big ego but I have to embrace it and learn how to deal with it in ways that we are going to work and team up with my ego.

I am going to be a enemy of my ego because I am reacting and ego can persuade you and do different things and mask certain things that are so small. And then you have to react, try and handle with so many things instead of, Hey, let's team up, you are inside me.

You are me, I am you. You have to please and control it even though I do not really like the work control, I still feel like, If you create, you have a controlled environment and your environment is going to be better for you in your life."