Novak Djokovic: 'Elbow injury was a major turning point in my life'

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Novak Djokovic: 'Elbow injury was a major turning point in my life'

Novak Djokovic recalled the time when he was off the competition due to an elbow injury. The Serbian player went through some very tough times, then he won three Grand Slams in a row and he will seek his fourth at the French Open.

"The injury certainly represented a major turning point in my life", admitted Djokovic referring to his elbow pain. "Not only from a tennis point of view but also from a personal and personal point of view. Somehow I was forced to look deeply into myself and probably to discover parts of me that I had been hiding for years, that came to the surface when things were no longer going the right way.

It started more than two and a half years ago, but I went ahead - wrongly - to anti-inflammatories, up when I was no longer able to hold the racket, in the Wimbledon quarter-finals, and I had to withdraw. I firmly believe it was this higher power, simply, that wanted to tell me ‘ok, now you have to stop and you have to take a break'

I took a longer pause than some doctors had, let's say, prescribed. They said that after 3-4 months I would be fine. I said no, I need six months, because I need a mental break, to - how to say - completely recharge the batteries emotionally”. Djokovic enjoyed some holidays after the Miami Open and he is set to play the Monte Carlo Masters next.