Novak Djokovic recalls his almost-meeting with Michael Jordan

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Novak Djokovic recalls his almost-meeting with Michael Jordan

In an interview with Vice Serbia, Novak Djokovic recalled when he almost met the former basketball star Michael Jordan. It was the 15-time Grand Slam winner to tell it in detail. "Jordan was in Monte Carlo, where I have been living for ten years.

I remember that I was having a break between training sessions", said Djokovic. "My wife was hanging in the city with her sister. My mobile phone rang, I had turned the audio off which I used to before we became parents when we had more time to rest, but at some point, I saw it continued and I was like, What's the matter? Who is looking for me?" He continued, "I checked it and I found five calls lost by my wife.

I answered and she told me: 'Jordan is here, five meters in front of me.' I was like: 'Sorry?' She replied: 'Michael Jordan, your idol that you wanted to know so much. Come here straight forward!' I told her: 'I am training this afternoon and I have to rest...'

I really said that. I turned the phone off, I thought about it and after ten minutes I came to her. But Jordan had already left. But never mind, we may meet each other somewhere. They told me he is a great golfer." According to the world no. 1's schedule, he will be playing the Rolex Monte Carlo Masters next.