Novak Djokovic: 'Andre Agassi can always be a mentor for me'

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Novak Djokovic: 'Andre Agassi can always be a mentor for me'

In an interview to Vice Serbia, Novak Djokovic recalled how he fell in love with tennis. It was 1993 when the Serb was amazed by Pete Sampras's four-set final win over Andre Agassi in the Wimbledon final. "My first contact with the world of tennis was his Wimbledon final", said Djokovic.

"It was his first Wimbledon title. I watched it and I fell in love with tennis. I can say that destiny played a factor in it, given that just at the time, in the same year I watched the final, three tennis courts were built in front of a restaurant built my parents in Kopaonik, where I grew up."

On Agassi, who he worked with in early 2018, Djokovic added: "He is a friend of mine, a person who I will always be able to count on. And he always told me that he can be my mentor. I have a closer relationship with him rather than with Pete Sampras."

On Sampras, Djokovic concluded: "I met him for the first time in Indian Wells in 2010. I thought: Do I ask him to play or don't I? I obviously asked him it and we had some rallies, that was so nice." Djokovic met Sampras in Indian Wells last month shaking his hand near the court after his straight-set win over Bjorn Fratangelo.