Novak Djokovic reveals his three main childhood idols

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Novak Djokovic reveals his three main childhood idols

Novak Djokovic shared how his three idols were as a kid. The Serbian player said: "I had Pete Sampras in tennis, Michael Jordan in basketball and Alberto Tomba in skiing. Those were the three guys who I always looked up to from sports and then, of course, I had Nikola Tesla who was considered as the biggest hero in Serbia, a great scientist that had incredible inventions in the world of physics, and still today I always try to take the best out of everybody who I meet.

I believe every person in this world, has something special about them, everybody is creative, so you always try to be open-minded, communicative and learn something new." Asked what advice he would give to kids who dream to become tennis players, Djokovic replied: "I have only one advice for everybody who wants to do sports.

Sport is the purest direction in life that you can have because it teaches you to be compassionate, disciplined, confident and of course, ambition oriented. You need to enjoy, you need to love what you do because that's the most important thing whether you do sport or you do something else in life.

There are difficult times that human beings are going through, economic crisis, it's not easy to get employed, to succeed, to find a job because it's so competitive but you always have to try to have the most positive mindset and then the life will do the rest and will give you opportunities."