Djokovic: Rafael Nadal and I will never forget 2012 Australian Open final

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Djokovic: Rafael Nadal and I will never forget 2012 Australian Open final

In an interview, Novak Djokovic recalled his 2012 Australian Open final win over Rafael Nadal. The match lasted for five hours and 53 minutes and the Serb prevailed 7-5 in the fifth set. "It was an incredible out of body experience, because we were both so tired and then the last few games you did not really know who is going to win the match but we both gave it all and it was almost 2:00 AM when we finished the match and the crowd was cheering for every point.

It was magnificent, one of these moments you will remember forever," said Djokovic. The Belgrade native also shared the meaning of what was love for him: "Love is the strongest emotion that a human being can experience, so I tried to focus on that and it's not only to share by saying, Try to focus on the positive energy and the positive outcome will present itself but it's really true so there are moments where of course I go through negatives, difficulties, a lot of doubts, in everyday's life but everybody is human, everybody is the same, trying to go through problems but it's important to manage to stay mentally strong and overcome all these problems and always keep in mind that you are grateful for the life that you have and that you are doing the sport that you love."

Djokovic spoke about enduring war. "It was a hard thing not just for me but for all the people in Serbia. I always try to have in mind this compassion for people who are going through poverty and difficulty to understand what tomorrow will bring.

War is something that I do not wish for any people in the world or anybody to experience. It's just a terrible thing, it was not easy but it was a very valuable experience for me too, for my family and for all the people in Serbia to overcome it, to learn something new and try to look for something," he said, Djokovic also commented on his gluten-free diet: "I discovered that in 2010, I did not know before that what beauty means, it became a part of my life, of my diet.

I lost instantly in the first couple of months four or five kilos, it was a big change, but I believe this is the right thing to do. I became more focused, faster, more dynamic on the court, I feel great on and off the court and it has definitely helped me to feel better."