Novak Djokovic on the most prestigious tournament for him

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Novak Djokovic on the most prestigious tournament for him

Wimbledon is the place where everything started again for Novak Djokovic. In 2018, the Serbian player won a tight five-set semi-final match against Rafael Nadal and then went on to win the title beating Kevin Anderson in the championship clash.

In a press conference, speaking about the tournament, Djokovic said: "I love the tradition, the history of this tournament that in my opinion is the most prestigious tournament in the world, the most valuable one, and I think the Wimbledon final is the most watched match throughout the year from all the tennis matches and in 2011 my dreams came true, I realized all my childhood dreams, became number one in the world and it was just an incredible experience.

The grass is probably the rarest surface that we have in sport comparing to 30, 40, 50 years ago where all the tennis matches were played on grass and now we have just a couple of weeks to play on." Djokovic also recalled his 2010 Davis Cup success: "It was incredible in the end, we realized that goal and we achieved the huge result at that time for our small nation because we are not a nation of tennis.

We are very successful in all the team sports and tennis kind of developed in the years and David Cup is something that brought confidence-boosting for the Serbian team because after that title we all started playing better.

After that title, I did not lose a match for six years! It's a special feeling when you are playing for your country, it's something that you cannot compare to any other tournament." Djokovic will play the Monte Carlo Masters next. He is the top seed in the tournament.