Novak Djokovic: Roger Federer can win the French Open again

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Novak Djokovic: Roger Federer can win the French Open again

Novak Djokovic rated Roger Federer's chances on clay. The Serbian player believes the Swiss can triumph at the French Open again. "I mean, certainly other Slams more than Roland Garros for Roger are, so to say ‑ he has more chance to win other slams than Roland Garros, but he has won Roland Garros in the past," said Djokovic.

"He hasn’t played it obviously last year or last few years, but, you know, it’s hard to speak about Roger’s level because it’s always there. It’s always at its highest. I really, aside of maybe one year where he changed a racquet and dropped to I think no., whatever, 7, 8, and then he was injured for five, six months, dropped his ranking to out of 15, those maybe two times in the last 15 years have been maybe where I saw him play 10, 20% worse than he’s playing on the level that he’s playing on all the time.

So it’s always expected in a way from my side when I see him play, compete on any level on any surface that he’s going to be at his best, that he’s always going to be one of the candidates or favourites to win any tournament.

Really, I can’t talk about Roger in any other instance, you know, regardless of the surface." Federer is playing on the dirt for the first time since 2016 Rome. "I thought tennis was missing him definitely on clay last year," admitted Djokovic.

"Personally I think most of the people understood why he decided to skip the clay court season last year, and I also understand why he wants to play. Definitely for our sport it’s better that he plays. We’re looking forward to see him.

I mean, he’s been playing some great tennis lately. Indian Wells, Miami, he’s won two out of three. Played finals, Indian Wells. It’s as good as it gets. Of course, it’s different surface, but Indian Wells, you know, the ball bounces quite high there, which kind of imitates the clay, so, I mean, he dealt with that high balls really well throughout his career, so I don’t see any particular big issue for him playing on this surface.

He won French, he won all the big ones. He is who he is, so you always expect highest from him." Djokovic is the top seed at the Monte Carlo Rolex Masters.