Coach Marian Vajda will make Novak Djokovic work hard, says pundit

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Coach Marian Vajda will make Novak Djokovic work hard, says pundit

The Amazon Prime pundit Greg Rusedski believes that Marian Vajda will be the key for Novak Djokovic to get back to the top after some disappointing losses. The former world No. 4, speaking after the Serbian player's loss to Daniil Medvedev in Monte Carlo, said: “You do think Marian is going to have a hard word with him and say ‘Hey, come on.

Practice courts tomorrow and all the way through to the next event’. That is what Marian can do because he is like a father figure. Nobody else can be as straight forward to Novak as Marian is. If he doesn’t listen to Marian, and we have been saying this for the last 12 months, he would not have been lifting those Grand Slam titles.

If he doesn’t listen to him, I think he has problems”. Rusedski believes that Rafael Nadal should take positives from his week in Monte Carlo looking at how he played in the quarter-finals: “In the tiebreak [against Guido Pella] he got a little bit more aggressive and started to come in.

That’s what he needs to do if he wants to win a lot of titles this year on clay. He has to look forward and come in. He did really well in that tiebreak. But we have to give so much credit to Pella. It is the same kind of scenario like a mirror image but in this case, Rafa just did a little bit better”.

Lester said on Amazon Prime: “Generally you can set your clock by Rafa. He’s on court seven at 11 am almost every single day. Slight changeup today. He’s actually practised behind closed doors. Do we read much into that?"