Novak Djokovic is the most flexible player - Lopez

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Novak Djokovic is the most flexible player - Lopez

In an interview, the former world No. 12 Feliciano Lopez commented on the importance of practising yoga. The Spaniard admitted that's one of the biggest keys in order to compete for a long time. "I do yoga with my physio, he likes it a lot", said Lopez.

"He helped me a lot to be flexible: in the beginning it's hard, people think you relax and it depends on what type of yoga, it can be very hard but it's very positive. Many players do it: Novak Djokovic has the biggest flexibility on Tour.

Obviously not just for yoga, he has skills by himself but yoga helps you more. I was able to play many new sports that before did not exist and I liked all of them. I also worked with a very good sports psychologist who works in Madrid with unbelievable athletes like Carolina Marin.

He is great. Many of us athletes work being supported by him because you have to cover all the areas. And even more in a single sport like tennis. You are alone, no one can help you. Coaching is not allowed and being balanced is important."

Lopez also spoke about his longevity overall: "You need to be a bit lucky: my team members are all very professional, all of us have trainers, physiotherapist, we have an enormous preparation. The eating also plays a role, over the last years I was more careful about it and I considered it being more important.

Having my physiotherapist, both to recover from hard matches and prevent injuries, was the key to play after turning 30. At that age, before, the players were retiring. Some of us even played better than when we were younger."