Novak Djokovic: 'I learned a lot from Agassi and Stepanek'

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Novak Djokovic: 'I learned a lot from Agassi and Stepanek'

In an interview to ABC, Novak Djokovic recalled when he split with his longtime coach Marian Vajda and his other team members. "At the time we needed a bit of rest", admitted the world No. 1. "It was not just my choice, they thought they needed a bit of room as well.

We were together for ten years and we split each other. Then we got back working with my fitness trainer and Marian Vajda and now my physiotherapist joined them. I am happy and grateful to have them back because they are my family, much more than a team.

I think taking this break was very good because all our perspectives got refreshed. We reconnected each other again and we achieved great things from them. The good results also came because we set this co-operation on the team that helps me to take the best out of me.

I cannot speak for other players. I always appreciated long term relationships. When a tennis player is with his coach for his entire career, or when a footballer is in the same club until his retirement... I respect that a lot.

The human relationship gets set by two sides besides the economical aspect. My personality has always been like this. But I also like to innovate, learn, grow, evolve. This time was very useful for me, even when I was injured for six months.

I learned a lot with Andre Agassi, Radek Stepanek and other team members. I understood where I was and where I wanted to go to, I got really good advice from them."