Novak Djokovic: 'When you get to the highest, your ego grows'

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Novak Djokovic: 'When you get to the highest, your ego grows'

In an interview to ABC, Novak Djokovic commented on his mindset on and off the court. "I try to live more according to what my heart says rather than the mind. But obviously, you need to work your mind. When you get to the highest in your sport and when you win so many things in your career, your ego increases.

You have more expectations in your success. I tried taking to control the circumstances of my life, while people, not that match. I did it many times and I still do it. Now I try to focus more on the moment, on the present, respecting myself and everyone who surrounds me.

But sometimes when you do not feel comfortable for something, you look for your team trying to get someone who helps you. I always wanted to stay in my comfort zone. It's part of my character, this is how I am. And I think it's something good for life, I always try to grow, learn, as a player and human."

On how he approaches the French Open, Djokovic added: "It's just a tournament, a big tournament. I was in this situation before, in 2016, and I know what it feels. They are positive emotions, It inspires and motivates me.

Until three years ago, I was influenced by a lot of pressure. Now it's different. I grew mentally and emotionally, I know how to handle it. I do not know if it will help me to achieve it, but now I do not want more pressure.

I always have itself. It's clear I want good results and that's no secret, it does not change. But I do not want more pressure. The history is there. But I am a different player and person."