Novak Djokovic shares the turning point of win over Taylor Fritz

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Novak Djokovic shares the turning point of win over Taylor Fritz

In a press conference in Madrid Novak Djokovic analyzed his straight-set win over Taylor Fritz on Tuesday. The Serb said: "I didn't think it was really hot. I mean, it was a really pleasant temperature. Nice day to play tennis.

Center court is played differently from other courts for sure. I mean, practice courts are quicker and the ball travels faster through the air I feel like on the practice courts rather than the center court. So, for my game style, it's quite suitable to play on the center.

I like it. It's easier to return the ball and I thought my serve was very efficient today. I had over 70 percent of first serves in and seven aces and if you serve well in this kind of conditions, it's a big advantage over your opponent.

Obviously, I have played against the guy who serves well and plays really quick. But the beginning of the match was kind of close and then I think 3-All, when I managed to make the break, and saved a breakpoint in the next game, I thought that was the turnaround, the turning point in the match.

I thought the second set I read his serve better and just managed to put an extra ball in to the court and he made a lot of unforced errors. And I don't think he was playing at his best today. But I think it was a solid opening match for me in the tournament." Djokovic will now have a day off where he will try to train and increase his game level.