Novak Djokovic reveals details behind conversation with Stan Wawrinka

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Novak Djokovic reveals details behind conversation with Stan Wawrinka

In Madrid Novak Djokovic commented on what he thinks about Stan Wawrinka sending a letter to The Times to speak about the difficult time men's tennis is going through with Chris Kermode and Justin Gimelstob leaving the Board.

"We practiced and then we spoke as well about the general politics in tennis", said the Belgrade native. "From one side, I do like the fact that he wants to get involved, he wants to express his opinion. I encourage that in every player.

I think from a players' standpoint, players need to get informed, need to understand what the situation is because every player that is added to that group is a positive contribution to evolution of the sport. But I did not agree that he went out in the media, posting a letter before speaking out to the guys from the council.

And I've told him that and I understand his views, of course. There are a lot of fair points that he makes. From the other side, I think there is maybe a different way that that could be done in terms of communication. But Stan and I always had a very honest and open relationship where we said what we think about each other or situation without any problems and that's what I respect about our relationship.

That is why we have always been very good friends off the court as well and as much as we are rivals on the court. And we made a photo after that, a selfie smiling so it's all good (laughing). I understand what is going on behind the stage and behind the curtains.

So there is just a lack of information. And I think that that can be dangerous at times and, in a way, that, you know, people make stands and statements and express their opinions publicly and that can create just more damage than we should have and we should deal with."