Novak Djokovic: My brother Marko replaces coach Vajda in some weeks

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Novak Djokovic: My brother Marko replaces coach Vajda in some weeks

In a press conference in Madrid, Novak Djokovic commented on his relationship with his brother Marko, who is a tennis player even if at a lower level. They played the Doha Open together in the doubles draw losing only in the semi-finals.

"It's really nice to have a family member with me on the tour, especially my brother that I love very much and that I care about and he cares about me," said the 31-year-old. "And he stayed in tennis after he kind of ended his professional career.

He's now coaching. So, he is working in Marbella where he lives. And when I reunited with Marian obviously Marian spent quite a few weeks with me from April to end of last year and he was committed, but also he has family and it's hard for him to do, to travel full-time."

He added, "So I needed to have someone else and I found that at this point in my career and this time I'm the most comfortable with my brother next to Marian. So that is kind of an agreement that we have between each other.

And it's very interesting because, you know, we know each other very well. Marco has been practicing with me so many times in our lives and playing doubles with me and then coaching me. It's a different feeling to be honest.

But right now I'm used to it. At the beginning, it was kind of strange because I didn't know how I should behave towards him, you know. Sometimes I'm not so easy on the court (laughing). But he is tolerating that and he's really amazing. He is very patient and he puts his heart into it."