Novak Djokovic: 'It's not the first time I am experiencing ups and downs'

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Novak Djokovic: 'It's not the first time I am experiencing ups and downs'

It was this year's Australian Open when Novak Djokovic last won three consecutive matches. The Serbian player now has the chance to achieve this streak again on Friday when he faces Marin Cilic. In a press conference, Djokovic commented on how his last 12 months have been: "I thought probably since Queen's last year I've had great, a very high level of tennis all the way to the end of the Australian Open.

Most of the events I played I reached I think finals at least and after Australian Open I had a long break. Indian Wells, Miami and Monte-Carlo. Monte-Carlo was definitely better than Indian Wells and Miami. Indian Wells and Miami I haven't felt my best, I haven't played my best.

Look, it's all a learning curve especially when you are losing in early rounds and matches that you are supposed to win against players you are supposed to win. Of course, it does feel disappointing especially because I was on such a roll for so long.

But I have to move on. It's not the first time in my career that I'm kind of experiencing those ups and downs, you know. I tried to keep it as stable as possible not to have too big of an extreme kind of swings. But everyone plays their best when they are playing against the top players.

So, I mean, it's kind of a huge challenge always to overcome any match in the big tournaments because everyone is motivated but that's fine. As I said, I'm experienced at this level. I know what to do and the good thing about tennis is you always have an opportunity within a week or two weeks, three weeks, to rectify maybe certain things that you felt like were not working and then, obviously, I'm building slowly.

And Roland Garros, on clay, is where I want to peak. But of course, I would love to try to get as far as in this tournament and also in Rome next week as possible. Thank you."