Novak Djokovic speaks about his close relationship with Croatia

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Novak Djokovic speaks about his close relationship with Croatia

In an interview to and IN Magazine, Novak Djokovic gave his thoughts on Croatia. The Serbian player said: "It is my pleasure to have the opportunity to speak in our language in a foreign country. It just does not happen often.

Although there are successful tennis players from this area, Čilić, Borna, Mate Pavić, all champions, generally a lot of athletes from these areas, there are not many media representatives. I hope there will be more of these interviews."

Djokovic also feels close to Croatia because his mother has Croatian origins: "She was born in Belgrade, but her parents come from Croatia. My grandmother and grandfather are from Vinkovci, and actually, all of my grandmother’s family comes from there, and I still have relatives there.

I have not visited in a long time. The last time I was in Vinkovci was more than ten years ago. I even played some junior tournaments there, I remember. Then I met the family, and I did not really know how many family members I had.

And aunts and uncles." The 31-year-old loves the country's most beautiful places: “The Islands, definitely. For me, but also for many, the Croatian coast is the most beautiful in the world. I've been to a lot of countries, but somehow you feel the most beautiful there; it is the same language, and for me, the same culture.

It's a jewel, a pearl of the Adriatic. I always feel nice there, the people always receive me well and I am always welcome. I will probably return this summer. That whole part from Dubrovnik up to the Kornati. Every part of the Croatian coast has some charm.

Up in the North Brijuni... A few years ago, my family cruised from the south to the north. We had to do it all in ten days, but I have the feeling that if we could have stayed longer in one place, the feeling would have been different."