Novak Djokovic: 'Madrid title gives me confidence ahead of Rome and Paris'

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Novak Djokovic: 'Madrid title gives me confidence ahead of Rome and Paris'

"I feel like this tournament win was very important for my level of confidence because after Australian Open I wasn't playing my best, I wasn't finding the right game and the consistency on the court in Indian Wells, Miami and Monte-Carlo.

I felt like I was close and needed a little bit of a push, so to say. And a very important win came yesterday against Thiem in a very close match. And today Stefanos, who had an amazing encounter last night and win against Rafa, probably affected him a little bit.

He did not, I think, move as well as he did last night and he was probably a bit tired. But my goal was to start well to try to make a break as soon as possible, which was the case right away, and I felt I was always ahead in the game.

I felt I was dictating the play and played my best tennis so far this week. I haven't dropped a set and, for sure, it's a great honor to have this trophy and to win in one of the biggest tournaments in the world. And, as I said, at the very important time for me in the year, in the season, because this gives me a lot of confidence before Rome and, of course, Roland Garros where I want to play my best.

Yeah, I thought my forehand was working very well today. I could hit it from any corner. Backhand was very solid, of course. I think in general, I was dictating the play. I didn't give him too much time to set himself up for a ball or try to come into the net.

I tried to play fast. I tried to play deep. I tried to change the pace and direction of the ball and it has worked well. I felt that he's struggling a little bit at the beginning. Maybe it was nerves and probably the long match against Rafa.

So I needed to step in and make myself present on the court. So yeah, I mean, my backhand has been serving me well, so to say, throughout my career and, of course, there were matches, very important matches, when it was also failing me. But that's sport. That's a shot that I definitely can rely on in the tough moments."