Novak Djokovic wants to prove he can beat Nadal on clay - Ferrero

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Novak Djokovic wants to prove he can beat Nadal on clay - Ferrero

In an interview the former French player winner Juan Carlos Ferrero commented on the Novak Djokovic's chances in Paris. The Serbian player has not delivered his best tennis after conquering his 15th Major in the Australian Open but Ferrero believes Djokovic will be at his best.

"He is very motivated. His goal is to win Grand Slams. He has already played an oustanding tournament at the Australian Open, the final he played was just remarkable. He will be at 100 percent during Roland Garros very motivated and trying to beat Rafa at a Grand Slam on clay.

He has already had some chances, taking Rafa to the limit, at five sets. I am sure he wants to prove he is not just able to beat Rafa on grass or a hard surface but also on clay, he can beat him." Meanwhile Justine Henin commented on what makes Serena Williams stay on the women's tour: "I think it's to keep the motivation and the passion.

You need to keep sense to what you do and to stay healthy also. Because physically childbirth is a big, big issue, you pushed your body a lot and you need to do a lot of prevention sometimes, you need to do a lot of rest and sometimes you need breaks and Serena already did that.

I admire her a lot that she still has the motivation, the passion, now that she has a daughter she wants to win Grand Slams being a mum. It's going to be hard because the time goes on and the young players are putting a lot of physical pressure. In another way when Serena wants something, it is very hard to stop her so we will see."