Novak Djokovic gives advices to kids: 'Never give up on your dreams'

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Novak Djokovic gives advices to kids: 'Never give up on your dreams'

Novak Djokovic commented on his beginnings in tennis. The Serbian player was pushed by an enormous love for the game: "I didn't have any tennis tradition in my family, so, you know, I had to really strongly fall in love with the sport.

That's what happened. I was four, five years old back in Serbia, and difficult times of war and, you know, economic crisis. Tennis was not really one of the popular sports, so, you know, I obviously watched a lot of tennis on the TV and tried to play at tennis camps and different tennis clubs and programs.

But, you know, the vision, so to say, the big vision and the dream was always there. I think that's what kept me going. You know, I admired and I watched all the greats at that time. You know, I idolized a lot of players, especially Pete Sampras, and one day imagined myself I can actually be there.

So when that became a reality, obviously there is a feeling of accomplishment and fulfilment is quite special. I think it's very important for a young tennis player who has aspirations to play the biggest tournaments in sport is never to give up on that dream.

Whatever the dream is, always stay close to it, nurture it, because dreams are your own reality, and dreams are something that is serving as a guiding star."