I was surprised when Novak Djokovic called me, says Boris Becker

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I was surprised when Novak Djokovic called me, says Boris Becker

In an interview, the six-time Major winner Boris Becker commented on the tennis coaching. The German worked with Novak Djokovic from 2013 to 2016 and they got amazing results together. That was the real coaching experience for Becker but who had already lived something similar in the past.

"At the end of my career I took over for the German Federation the best juniors for five years but I was still sort of playing and I looked after them. In Germany, they noted I could do it but I was promoting it internationally and then in my job as a commentator and analyst sometimes I speak as a coach.

I would say, tactically he has done that wrong. Obviously, I was surprised when Novak called me, he had lost the first ranking position to Nadal in China and then, by phone, he quickly said, Do you wanna coach me? And I said, Why? No.

2 in the world, things are going well. Then we met in Monaco a few weeks after, a lot of discussions. I told him my point of view about his game, I speak from the heart, he asked me to come, he liked what I said and it became a very successful partnership.

But it's always up to the player if he allows it. Sometimes those young superstars have a lot of money on the bank so they do not want to listen to the truth. So I really complimented him of allowing me to say what I had to say and then for him to listen because he did not need to, he was already an accomplished player, then, of course, he won six Grand Slams and it was good for me and for him.

But it started with him. As a coach, you are as good as the player you are coaching. In a team, they say that if you lose it's because of the coach. That's not entirely true but that's the same with tennis. They are international athletes, you coach one player but if you do not want to do that, you can change.

It's a very sensitive, almost intimate relationship with that player because you have to know everything about him. How he sleeps, how he eats, how he feels, everything matters because he carries that on the tennis court. If he has pressure if he is upset if he is happy. Novak was able to share with me most of it."