Novak Djokovic: 'Hubert Hurkacz can become a top ten player'

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Novak Djokovic: 'Hubert Hurkacz can become a top ten player'

Novak Djokovic spoke highly of his first-round opponent Hubert Hurkacz in the French Open. "I think he definitely has the potential to become a top ten player, because, as I said, of the quality game, big serve, big forehand, and very solid backhand.

Obviously, there are always things to improve, and I'm sure he's still young, so as he goes along, he's going to improve. He had a couple of big wins against top 10 players: Nishikori, Dominic Thiem in big tournaments.

Doesn't seem like he's overwhelmed by the occasion. Seems like he likes to play in big matches, and he seems very mature for his age. You know, I think he's got a really good chance to reach the top of the tennis."

On how it felt to play on the new Philippe Chatrier, Djokovic added: "Very nice. Great job, Roland Garros, for sure, to make this kind of renovation and proportions of the constructional work that was done in less than 12 months is really impressive.

It's definitely not easy to accomplish all of this, and everybody is talking about center court, but there are many other different changes in facility improvements. I'm very impressed. And also, it's a pleasure to play in the new court.

It's different. It's a different feeling. It looks different, obviously, and feels a bit different. Feels a little bit more like indoor, which I like. And, you know, the original, so to say, look of center court that we are used to for so many years is not there anymore, so it's a bit of a strange feeling. But absolutely, you know, marvellous stadium. I think it's beautiful, and they have done a good job."