Novak Djokovic is less popular than Federer and Nadal - Courier

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Novak Djokovic is less popular than Federer and Nadal - Courier

Speaking on ITV4 the former world No. 1 Jim Courier commented on Novak Djokovic's French Open chances. The Serb dismissed Hubert Hurkacz in straight sets on Monday to reach the second round. “He’s been basically chasing them, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, his whole career", said Courier.

"Even though he is top of the mountain those guys are still widely known around the world. They are still a little bit more popular. It is something he’s had to deal with as someone who's been trying to get up to them even though he’s gotten over them in the rankings.

I think that matters to him. And I think he wants to come out here and prove that the Rome final wasn’t the real Novak [And] that he is on the song and ready to go”. Rafael Nadal said: "I think when you're convinced about something, you're very arrogant because most of the time you can hope that something is going to happen, and have the desire for something to happen.

But to be convinced, I'm almost convinced about nothing in this world. The only thing I was convinced about is that I wanted to work, to try and arrive at the event in a good shape, whatever it was. Whether it was Madrid, Rome, or here now.

As I said, I could have made a mistake about my personal feelings, but I thought I had a good match and that match was a good base for the future. It was confirmed, and I have been able to make headway day after day and increase my trust in my body.

I was able to trust my tennis more and more, and all this comes out translating into victories, which is when you make the difference."