We do not know what went inside Novak Djokovic, says Wilander


We do not know what went inside Novak Djokovic, says Wilander

Speaking on Eurosport the seven-time Grand Slam winner Mats Wilander commented on the Novak Djokovic's straight-set win over Henri Laaksonen. The Swede said: "He can win tournaments but he can lose to anyone on this surface.

His backhand is so solid. When he starts stepping into, with that open stance, he can go for drop shots as well. When he is confident, the backhand is a weapon. He is relaxed, we have seen some strange losses and we do not know what's going on inside.

I know these players are saying, I am trying to win every match, I am trying to give my 100 per cent all the time but I do not think that's possible. I think he is picking at the right time." On his next opponent Salvatore Caruso, Djokovic said: "There is a lot of confidence.

He has nothing to lose. I'm sure he's going to be very motivated to, you know, to play his best. We are going to hopefully play on one of the big stadiums and have a great match." On Victoria Azarenka's loss to Naomi Osaka, Wilander admitted that the Belarusian needs to win more matches in order to beat the top players: "It has to do with confidence.

Confidence is not built on the practice court but in winning matches, how much you have won in the past, two Grand Slam titles do not matter. She had too much time off the court to have confidence. But she has a great attitude, she has a tactical skill and for Osaka to get through and to solve problems, it's a big deal. But Azarenka is coming back to the top."

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