After one game I understood Djokovic would beat Nadal in Melbourne final'

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After one game I understood Djokovic would beat Nadal in Melbourne final'

There is a Novak Djokovic's match that makes the Serbian player's strategy analyst most proud of: his this year's Australian Open final straight-set win over Rafael Nadal. "I exactly knew how that match would deliver before it started.

Sometimes, some game plans are the keys. There are days better than others but in this case, everything turned out perfect. It's that I knew what would happen. Also in the last year's Wimbledon semifinals. Rafa was the favourite and it took me a lot of time to analyze it, especially that night after that the match was postponed until the following day.

If I didn't analyze some things about the first three sets before the delay, Novak would have not won that match", said O'Shannessy. "Rafa played great in that tournament but I did my duties. I exactly knew where he was most weak and in which areas of the court Rafa is most weak.

I knew what would happen. Sometimes they ask me what will happen and I say, Djokovic, will win in straight sets. For that match, I was super confident it would be like this. It worked the way I hoped to. After the first game of the final, I said: 'Ok, we made it'"

Asked who is the most unpredictable player, O'Shannessy concluded: "I would say Novak. Roger, Rafa, Zverev... Everyone plays in a way. Novak doesn't. Studying Andre Agassi, I discovered a thing. In 1998 Washington, facing Draper, Andre did not stop hitting the ball on the deuce side.

In the match where he faced Mark Philippoussis in 2000 Australian Open, he hit it on the ad side. And in the final he just ran, ran and ran. Three matches and three different game plans. That's Novak! This is the mentality that made him have what he has.

When he plays against different opponents he had different game styles and plans, that's why it's so difficult to read."