Novak Djokovic may hold more Major titles than Roger Federer - Medvedev

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Novak Djokovic may hold more Major titles than Roger Federer - Medvedev

In an interview to The Tennis Podcast Andrei Medvedev spoke highly of Novak Djokovic. The Ukrainian said: "Novak could end up with most Grand Slams. Novak is great for sport, he is a legend. I am sure he came to the point after winning three or four Majors where he told himself, What's my next motivation.

He stopped, he cameback and he is world No. 1. It's beautiful. He loves tennis. What he does, is from the heart. He is so smart. If he keeps being motivated and fit like this, beating him at the best of five sets is very difficult.

He could win another five, six, seven Slams. It's predictable, not impossible. He only needs health and motivation. Just keep doing the same and he can do it." He added: "I am excited about the period of my life as a lot of kids come to tennis through Elina Svitolina's success.

The Federation is promoted by the President of the Tennis Federation, so it's private, but with Elina's success, we got support from the Government and we will have exciting times. Everybody is motivated to go far, repeat the success.

I am the head of men's tennis and I hope to be on Tour with Ukrainian players. The time where I stayed at home with my children is coming to an end in two years." On the new Davis Cup format, Medvedev said: "How they do with so many teams and matches, I do not see that picture in my head.

But you can ask me after this year. In general I am in favour of changes. The decision is questionable but it makes players and teams more comfortable as it's just one week and they get more money. Let's try for a couple of years, if players are happy. You have to try to be smart."